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Your Privacy is at Risk! Normal Data Deletion on Computers, Phones, etc may Not be Enough!

Do you have private Photos and Videos in your Phone or Computer which you don’t wish to share to others? or Have you taken a private video/photo and deleted it, thinking it will be safe from leakage? Well, deleting a file using your device’s normal deletion process will not delete it forever. Yes, that is right, traces of that file will still remain in your memory device and it can be used to restore/recover the original file. A lot of people had suffered from this security leak, even famous personalities, wherein they had their phones or laptop repaired not knowing the dangers ahead. Next thing they know, their privacy has already been invaded. In this post, I will show you how vulnerable your privacy is, and how to protect it.


I made an experiment on this which will prove how vulnerable we all are from privacy intrusion. First I created a small Video file using my Phone’s built-in video camera and then deleted it right after saving. I then took out the memory card and open it with my computer. Normally, the file was not there. I then used the program GetDataBack and looked deep into my memory card. After 5 minutes of scanning the memory device, the deleted file was detected and was already fully recoverable in just a few clicks.

The Solution:

Below are free utilities and software applications that will securely delete your protected data. It is not a complete list however it provides you enough tools to use on different situations.

Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade To Wordpress 2.8+

Wordpress Logo

Every Wordpress user knows how important it is to update a blog to the latest version of Wordpress to avoid being hacked by some authorised users. However, if you are using the following plugins, I would advise you to stick with it until a stable version of Wordpress is release in the future because of the following glitches :

1. Slow Speed When Creating Sitemap

It took 16 seconds to create a sitemap using the Google XML sitemap plugin. Unless Wordpress 2.6, it only requires 5 seconds to notify Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.

2. Couldn’t Upload Image Using Flash Uploader

I can only upload images using browser uploader. Not sure if anyone is facing the problem though.

3. WP emoticons showed up in comments section

Why would they show up above my comments when they are supposed to be in the new post section??

If you have not upgrade to Wordpress 2.8.2 please be patient and wait until further release of Wordpress. You will be better off with the one that you are using right now.

5 mistakes which could stop the progress of your blog

In blogosphere, almost every blogger claims to have thousands of subscribers, getting lots of traffic and is making big money with his blog but that is right now common all around and has nothing wrong. But the problem arises after sometime when you are telling the fake statistics and you know it’s not going to help you anymore and you need the real thing.

Blogging looks more easy when it has real support of our fans, that is why we should try to avoid some common mistakes, which no doubt can stop the progress of a blog.

Mistake 1 – Worrying about earnings than our Readers
It is very clear than in order for our blog to function properly, we must have some money so that the cost of maintaining a blog can be taken care. But here we have to keep in mind that we are making money with our blog through the web users i.e the readers. I think we should really place ads on our blog for profitability but we must maintain a degree of respect for our readers. We should not treat them as a “Money Making System”.

Mistake 2 – Unconcerned of our blog
Considering that we have blog, we must know that it must be maintained, updated regularly and should correspond to the readers comments. Like first measurement we should answer all the questions,complaints or suggestion that appears from our readers side. Secondly we should take care that we are updating the blog content on regular basis plus also taking a little bit care of our blog design.

Mistake 3 – Not Linking and not getting Linked
For a blog to be known properly in the blogosphere it is important for that blog that it’s articles are linked from other blogs. Moreover a blogger should also consider himself linking other blogs as a part of marketing tactics. This way he can increase the readership on his blog plus he can also increase connections with other bloggers.

“Without connections, a blog practically can not progress.”

Mistake 4 – Wasting time for no reason
If the time you are getting for blogging is not limited then it’s no problem. But bloggers like me who have limited time for blogging should not waste time in stupid things, and the time we get for improving our blog should be considered worth gold. The time we get should be properly utilized in many things like improving the content we are going to provide, try to find different ways to build backlinks and do the best possible things to attract quality traffic to our blog. Wasting time is one of main reason why a blogger doesn’t succeeds. Our blog will improve very less if we don’t manage and utilize the time for blogging properly.

Mistake 5 – Not Participating in other Blogs or Forums
As mentioned earlier in this post; Time is worth Gold. That is why we must manage out time not only for our blog but also to take part in the conversation in different blogs. If you are going to comment, make sure it is not a spam, nor poor, nor by any nature destructive i.e. our comments must be constructive and should possess some degree of kindness, respect and should be helpful or informative for others.

Undoubtedly, all of us might have committed that mistake anytime from the growth of our blog. We must ensure that these mistakes should not happen again and again as it will stop the Progress of your blog.

So go on, think carefully on this article and tell me whether you have done any mistake ever in your blogging journey which could have possibly slowed down the progress of your blog and also do lemme know, what do your think about this article.